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Can Your Business Afford For You To Get Sick?

I’m going to be straight forward and ask, do you have a risk management plan for IF you get sick?

“Risk management” sounds boring right? But if you’re in business for yourself, it’s not so easy to just call in sick when you’re unwell. So I’m going to ask you, what does your risk management plan look like for your business?

To be totally honest, I work for myself when my toddler is asleep. So far, I’m it. I don’t have a team I can rely on to help out of I get sick. Yet.

So my risk management plan is NOT getting sick. Which may sound idealistic but apart from good nutrition and exercise you can boost your immune system with meditation!

You’ve heard of endorphins right? The feel good hormone that is released through things like exercise, eating chocolate and having sex? Well endorphins also play a part in our immune system! And meditating releases endorphins!

Endorphins stimulate the production of ‘natural killer cells’. And these natural killer cells hunt down and destroy harmful bacteria and viruses. Yay!

When you’re stressed out, you are more vulnerable to catching bugs. Have you ever been through a stressful time and ended up sick? I sure have.

Meditation also increases the production of melatonin. You might have heard of people taking melatonin to help them sleep. Well melatonin also acts as a powerful antioxidant! It destroys harmful free radicals which cause destruction at a cellular level.

And meditation increases the production of DHEA. DHEA is key to boosting immune function. So it’s incredibly helpful in fighting off potential infections.

So how are your defences right now? How at risk are you now of getting sick? Are you stressed at the moment? 

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