Nikki Veliz | Meditation Coach & Yoga Teacher

De-Stress Without Alcohol!

Yes. Really. It can be done!

A glass of wine is nice. It really is. But for your body to de-stress effectively you need something you can tap into super quick.

And that is where your breath comes in.

Your breath is always with you right? So why not use it to make you feel good?

If you can’t get to that gym session, yoga class, or fit your run in to de-stress, use your breath.

It’s super simple. 3 soft sighs.

I was taught the power of these 3 soft sighs from my prenatal yoga teacher who is also a childbirth educator. So yes, if these 3 soft sighs can help with labor then they can help with anything! (I did so many of these sighs during my 30-hour labor with Maya I nearly lost my voice!)

You take a deep breath in through your nose and then a long sigh out through your mouth.

When you sigh, make sure you can hear the air coming out of your mouth.

Sigh like this three times. And then notice how you feel.

I tap into this breath work multiple times during the day. It really helps with being a mama. But also for the other stressful moments that come up during the day.

We aren’t bulletproof. So we need to use what we’ve got to de-stress in a way that our bodies will love us for it.

Try the 3 soft sighs and let me know how they’ve worked for you.


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