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Morning Rituals Of A Meditation Coach (and mom!)


People ask me what I do to start my day especially because I’m a Meditation Coach.

But I’m also a full-time stay at home mama who only has a few hours each day to spend time working on my business.

So I’m going to be real with you.

My morning rituals are quick and super effective.

And since I’m being all out honest, yes, I sometimes decide to stay in bed longer instead of doing them. But I feel worse for it!

Ritual #1        Power Pose

I roll off my bed and into a power pose! (If you need to catch up on my power pose rant & Professor Amy Cuddy read my previous blog here.)

Moving into standing and an open posture like WonderWoman for 2 minutes is how I kick-start things. I go from groggy, ‘What’s going on, where am I?’ To feeling the confidence and presence that a power pose has been researched to prove!

While I’m power posing I do my 4:8 breathing AND ‘fix my face’ as Chalene Johnson likes to say. That’s right, SMILE!

Ritual #2        Yoga

Yes, I’m also a yoga teacher. But I’m also a super inflexible yoga teacher and no I still can’t touch my toes after all these years. But being inflexible doesn’t mean you can’t practice yoga! So I do some gentle yoga to warm up my body and look after my back. 10 minutes max!

Ritual #3        Meditate

As a meditation coach I can’t possibly teach something I don’t practice! So yes, meditation is also included. I like to mix things up so it’s not the same practice every day. Sometimes it’s a breath meditation or a guided meditation I’ve found online or my own style of meditation based on Divine Sleep Yoga Nidra.

Ritual #4        Write

I’ve always loved to write. I remember going to a writing camp when I was 11. I have such a vivid memory of the teachers taking us out one night and putting us kids under a massive tree each with a torch. We were alone with our tree for inspiration.

So just like that dark late night, I find the early morning the best time to write. Once I’ve gone through my other rituals sometimes I’m only left with 5 minutes to write. But I write regardless because I want to write every day.

If this sounds like an epic list it’s not. Like I said. I’m a stay at home mama. This can literally take 25-30 minutes max before my toddler wakes up!

Yes, I want to grow my business but I also need to look after myself and morning rituals are key.

If not from my own experiences of needing to set your day up the right way, I think we can all learn something from Richard Branson. His morning rituals intentionally do not include looking at his emails! Hint hint 😉


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