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De-Stress Without Alcohol!

Yes. Really. It can be done! A glass of wine is nice. It really is. But for your body to de-stress effectively you need something you can tap into super quick. And that is where your breath comes in. Your breath is always with you right? So […]

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How To Motivate Yourself To Meditate!

I know it’s hard to meditate sometimes. And that ‘sometimes’ can actually be every time you think about meditating! I’m a meditation coach and I still need to write it down on my to do list. And I still sometimes struggle to meditate. Because it’s the same […]

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Morning Rituals Of A Meditation Coach (and mom!)

  People ask me what I do to start my day especially because I’m a Meditation Coach. But I’m also a full-time stay at home mama who only has a few hours each day to spend time working on my business. So I’m going to be real […]

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