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Hello fellow introvert: get instant CONFIDENCE now!

I was always ‘the shy child’ and could be found clinging to my mom’s leg in any social situation. Being labelled as shy can create life long issues because when you keep being told you ‘are’ something, you eventually become it right? As Chalene Johnson says, being shy is cute for a 6 year old, but not when you’re an adult!

I got to a point where I was so sick of being labelled as shy I started looking at ways I could improve my confidence. I forced myself to do a lot of things including a horror public speaking training workshop. Now that I know I’m an introvert, my approach to improving my confidence looks very different!

This is what I do to get INSTANT CONFIDENCE!

I will do this (without fail!) before I jump on Periscope to broadcast. That’s right, I’ve gone from horror public speaking experiences to live, unedited and raw, global videos on Periscope. That’s how I know this works!


Yup, I do a power pose that looks like a starfish! And you better believe that this is based in science. And because I’m a meditation coach for entrepreneurs I know that holding a power pose while doing a simple 4:8 breathing technique* super charges your confidence and decreases your anxiety and stress levels.

If you need to do public speaking for a conference/webinar/Periscope broadcast/interview so you can engage your audience, pick a power pose and hold it for 2 minutes while doing the 4:8 breathing technique* before you go ‘live’.

Or do a power pose to start your day, or when you feel stressed, anxious or nervous!

Because Professor Amy Cuddy’s research shows that when you do a power pose you feel “more powerful, confident, and assertive, less stressed and anxious, and happier and more optimistic”. Who doesn’t want to feel that way??

You might feel a bit silly doing this to start with but the benefits far outweigh that! And why not have a laugh?!

Professor Amy Cuddy from Harvard Business School has researched the psychological, behavioural and physiological effects of doing power poses like my beautifully demonstrated starfish pose 😉

Her research shows that “adopting expansive, open postures [power poses] – bodily displays of power – caused not just psychological and behavioural changes but also alterations in physiological states. All of which perfectly paralleled the known effects of power.”

Her research shows that “carrying yourself in a powerful way directs your feelings, thoughts, behaviours and body to feel powerful and be present (and even perform better) in situations ranging from the mundane to the most challenging” (Amy Cuddy, Presence, 2015).

If the star fish pose for 2 minutes is too hard for your arms (I do it for the work out!), do the superwoman pose! My Ironman-in-training hubby isn’t afraid of the superwoman pose so why should you be?!

My Ironman-in-training hubby isn't afraid to be like Superwoman!

Amy Cuddy’s book is called “Presence: Bringing your boldest self to your biggest challenges” and you can also check out her Ted Talk here.

*4:8 breathing technique: Breathe in through your nose for the count of 4 and out through your nose for the count of 8. Repeat this for the 2 minutes you hold your power pose. The longer exhale allows the relaxation response in your body to kick in quicker.

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