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5 Tips To Make Meditation Part Of Your Day


But I don’t have time to meditate!

 I know you’re 8 types of busy, I get it. So here are 5 tips to help make meditation part of your day without feeling overwhelmed.

 Tip #1: Get access to a guided meditation

Find a guided meditation that you really like. So that when you decide you want to meditate, you don’t waste time, you can just jump online or open your app and get started.

Tip #2: Put it in your diary

Seriously. Just put it in your diary. I know that sounds super boring. But if it’s important to you, make sure it’s on your ‘to do list’ where you can see it. And when you get a reminder in your phone, make sure you do it. It’s that simple and no, simple doesn’t mean easy!

 Tip #3: Meditate while you wait

How often are you left waiting? The doctor is running late. You’re parked in a car waiting to pick up your kids. You’re in line at the grocery store. Instead of zoning out on social media, put your earphones in and open up that app you’ve already downloaded!

No app? No worries! Try a simple 4:8 breathing exercise to meditate with. Breathe in through your nose for the count of 4. Then breathe out through your nose for the count of 8. Do this a few times. And yes this counts as meditation!

 Tip #4: Mindful movement

If you can move your body then you can do this type of meditation! Whether you go to the gym, run, or walk your dog, this can be a meditation practice. If you’re running, leave your gadgets at home and just run. Notice how your feet touch the ground. How your arms swing. Notice how you breathe. How does your heart feel? Completely immerse yourself in each sensation. Be mindful of every move you make.

 Tip #5: Mindful eating

If you’re like me, you can find yourself half way through a block of chocolate and then blame your husband for eating it! That’s called mindless eating! One of the best meditations I ever did was a 5-minute mindful eating meditation with one piece of chocolate. Yup, just one piece for the whole 5 minutes!

At your next meal, remove all distractions and sit down. Get rid of your phone, computer, book, newspaper and start by simply looking at the food you’re about to eat. Admire it. Imagine how the plants were grown and picked to be on your plate. Smell your food. No need to go over the top and get all food reviewer-y unless you want to! Just notice the smell. Take small, slow mouthfuls of food and actually chew your food. Notice the texture. The taste. Simply take the time to really enjoy your food. Why put all that effort into cooking a delicious meal and then not spend the time enjoying it?

Pick one tip from the list above and do it today. And if you have any tips about including more meditation in your day, share them in the comments section.

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