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Hello fellow introvert: get instant CONFIDENCE now!

I was always ‘the shy child’ and could be found clinging to my mom’s leg in any social situation. Being labelled as shy can create life long issues because when you keep being told you ‘are’ something, you eventually become it right? As Chalene Johnson says, being […]

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5 Tips To Make Meditation Part Of Your Day

But I don’t have time to meditate!  I know you’re 8 types of busy, I get it. So here are 5 tips to help make meditation part of your day without feeling overwhelmed.  Tip #1: Get access to a guided meditation Find a guided meditation that you […]

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Effortless meditation: lie down |an introduction to yoga nidra

Meditation is easier when you lie down. I was SO chronically sleep deprived the neurologist thought that I had had a stroke. I have a background in nursing so that scared the s**t out of me! Swami Satyananda Saraswati wasn’t a sleep-deprived mom but he gave us […]

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